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GRH can produce monoblock and sectional valve.

Flow: 40 L/min; 63 L/min; 100 L/min; 160 L/min;

Working Pressure: 250 bar (3600 psi).

GRH`s monoblock and sectional multiple valve can be combination with main safety valve, check valve, overload valve, oil supply valve, flow divider, brake valve and proportional valve.

In the load-sensing system, in order to make the displacements of pump change with the actual flow of system, overload sensitive valve must be installed in the system.

GRH`s monoblock can integrate load sensitive valve in line with customers`s requirements.

It can be widely used in industrial hydraulic system, hydraulic system of mobile machinery, hydraulic system of construction machinery, hydraulic system on the agriculture and the hydraulic system on ar engineering.