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1, What’s the different between cast iron cover and aluminum cover?

The performance of cast iron cover and aluminum cover is the same. But cast iron cover is more reliable than aluminum cover.

2, Why there is always a scratch by gear inside gear body?

The scratch is caused by “chamber sweep”. “Chamber sweep” is a procedure in the test. The scratch will help radial seal when the pump is in use. The scratch is always found in ny aluminum body of gear pump.

3, What’s your delivery time?

Regular pump- 50 days, Flow divider, Log Splitter pump and Log splitter valve, around 60 days.

4, How long’d be the warranty period?

With in a year.

5,What’s the difference between standard group 2 pump and its quiet version?

Number of gear teeth for standard group 2 pump is 10, but for quiet version the gear teeth is 12.

6,What’s the efficiency of your pumps?

We will test and run pumps in our facility first. Only the pumps of which the efficiency is above 90% can be approved and sent to customers.