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Flow Divider

Introduction of Flow Divider

Two or several gear motors can be combined to flow divider after being connected by coupling. It guarantees synchronous operation and accuracy of power element like cylinder (Its principle drawing is as follows), hydraulic liquid from the pipe is input into the inlet port and the same amount liquid is distributed to the outlet port by the rotation of gears that with same specification . Obviously, accuracy of flow divider is up to accuracy of gears and relative spare parts.

GRH has two series for flow divider 1FDF and 2FDF.

Flow accuracy and pressure loss are as follows:

It should be noted that flow accuracy is also related to the factors below:

System pressure, viscosity of hydraulic liquid, load that each power unit bears and overall flow. These factors should be taken into account at tine of application.

Flow divider can be integrated with relief valve, check valve and governor valve, protecting system pressure and filling the oil. For specific requirements, please contact GRH.