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Gear Motors

Introduction of GRH Gear Motors

Gear motors from GRH Hydraulic have a floating bushing feature with automatic axial clearance compensation. The bushings are made with special abrasion resistant material providing improved service life. Precisely machined gears ensure our units provide excellent low noise characteristics. Our cold extrusion motor bodies can endure pressures above 30Mpa. High strength cast iron front & rear covers also enhance our reliability. Our units are widely used in the industrial, mobile, marine and aerospace industries.

GRH has 5 series of gear motors – group 1, 2, 2.5, 3 and 3.5. They can be divided into two types. One is the single direction gear motors, the other is the bi-directional gear motors. Normally the design of the single direction gear motor is similar to that of the single direction gear pump with some slight design differences. Therefore, all GRH pumps have a corresponding single direction gear motor. When placing your order, please refer to the ordering code.

We now focus on the bi-directional gear motors. This motor has a different sealing structure to the single direction motor. The symmetrical seals (refer to the bottom drawings) separate high pressure from low pressure thus allowing bi-directional operation. The oil from internal leakage returns to tank through the drain port. Normal case drain pressure is limited to 2 bar but 5 bar is allowed for intermittent operation.

High quality of the bushings, bearings and seals adds to the outstanding performance of GRH bi-directional gear motors.