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Monoblock And Sectional Valves

Introduction of GRH Sectional and Monoblock Valves

GRH can produce monoblock and sectional valves.

Flow range: 25L/min to 160L/min

Maximum working pressure as below

Sectional valve can reach 250 bar

Monoblock can reach 300 bar.

To prevent against overload of hydraulic system, main valve is set at the oil inlet of the multiple directional valve to be the overall safety valve of the entire hydraulic system.

According to different structures of valve body, check valve that is assembled in oil inlet or slide valve , is used to avoid oil return to oil tank while the slide valve is changing direction, and thus to overcome the nodding phenomenon that may occured during the working process.

If the executive unit (cylinder and motor) is not working, the slide valve is at the neutral position. Both working oil ports are closed. At this moment because of the interconnection of the executive parts and other working parts in hydraulic system, the pressure of the executive part (cylinder and motor) might be raised. As to prevent against the overload of executive parts (cylinder and motor) or oil tube, overload valve should be set at the oil port.

In some hydraulic machinery, when the inertia of the working load is quite large and overload decline speed exceeds the flow rates of oil supply, oil feed valve is necessary to be set in the multiple directional valve to avoid cavitation.

Sometimes, two hydraulic systems share one hydraulic pump. When one of the hydraulic system uses only part of the flow of the pump, flow divider must be installed on the multiple directional valve.

GRH’s monoblock and sectional multiple valve can be combined with main safety valve, check valve, overload valve, oil supply valve, flow divider, brake valve and proportional valve. In the load-sensing system, in order to make the displacements of pump change with the actual flow of system, overload sensitive valve must be installed in the system. GRH’s monoblock can integrate load sensitive valve in line with customers’requirements.